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What connects the threads of Shree Krishna, the Maratha empire, the Scindia empire, and current-day fashion? Think!

Well, the answer is threads of the cloth ‘chanderi’. The initial mention of it is believed to be from Shishupal during Lord Krishna’s times. And this week’s Sakhi Kahani features Noopur Chaturvedi is trying to preserve the strands of this history via her startup Hathkala. Read on to know her story…

“Today, fast fashion is everywhere. And for some, it may seem like a reasonable choice. But amid the chaos and noise, I like to stop by and go slow for a while. Maybe that is why I always aspired to establish a brand that doesn’t adhere to the ‘quick-paced’ environment and makes clothes that last beyond seasons, fads, and trends.

Remember how the heirloom cotton and silk sarees that our mothers kept in their trunks? The smell they held always had a hint of nostalgia and purity. With a strong desire to bring back old techniques that helped create authentic and vintage pieces, I founded Hathkala.

The aim was clear. Every piece designed had to be made with utmost care and consideration, with comfort and quality being at the core of our business. You might wonder where I got the inspiration from, and where did it all start?

It all began with the urge to recreate the nostalgic memories. Since I was young, I had seen my mother work really hard. Her time management and the way she balanced her work and household was nothing short of amusement for me.

Seeing a strong and fierce working woman doing her best every day, helped me understand the significance of being self-sufficient. And there hasn’t been a day, my Mom has never failed to be a constant support.  

October 2019. With the urge to start my dream venture, at the age of 25, I launched a small home-run venture, Hathkala. It wouldn’t have been possible without the constant support and talent of the local artisans of Chanderi, Maheshwar, Bina, and Taricharkala. Each piece we would make would be hand-made and yielded in small batches by our karigars.

Our priorities were simple; transparency of costing and manufacturing process and sustainability. So, we have always thrived to provide quality services and done our bit to build a sustainable future by saying no to harmful courier bags. All our packaging is biodegradable, with cotton bags made out of surplus fabric.

My ultimate goal is to restore the dying art form of the Chanderi and Maheshwari weave. I strongly believe that this will bring the evergreen style of saree back into fashion. As the heirloom sews pass on to the generations to come, I aspire to see my dream come true.”

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