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The digital world is often blamed for its hollowness and fake relations. But the last few months have filled me with a lot of positive beliefs about the ‘real’ people behind virtual profiles.

One such person who instilled my faith in practicing what she preaches is Shraddha Shrivastava. While I was stuck during a Live event she saved me with her presence of mind and agility.

I am honoured to feature her as the role model for this week’s #WomenEntreprenuer feature. Here’s our Sakhi Kahani for Project Sakhi this week:

” It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to state that, in the past decade, digital marketing has become essential for brands to grow their business and reach their desired audience.

And naturally, with digital marketing becoming essential, competition is bound to rise, sometimes making it difficult to find niche clientele.

I had always been keen to learn and understand the functioning of the digital world, especially content and digital marketing. What piqued my interest, especially, was the constantly evolving trends and accordingly, new platforms making their way to the top.

This fast-paced functioning and the consistent growth and decline of trends fascinated me. I would always try to analyze how they would impact the discoverability of the brand. The process of analysis and implementation of digital trends always fascinated me.

So, I decided to follow the one thing I was certainly and immensely passionate about; digital marketing!

I founded Digital Height in 2018 intending to help brands evolve and mark their presence on the ever-growing digital platforms. It brings me immense happiness to take a brand into the digital world and pursue the art of building brands online.

I believe that if you love your work, excellence feels natural. My love for digital marketing and content led me to be a part of the TOP 200 of the Linkedin Creator Accelerator Program in India.

For me, it is amusing to see myself be a part of this group as LinkedIn is where I am at my best. I have known the value of #LinkedIn for a while and therefore, I have fiercely advocated the vitality of building a good Linkedin network by helping brands and individuals build contacts through LinkedIn.

To date, we are connected with our clients in 8 countries. But this is just the beginning for me. My dream is to lead Digital Height to become a prominent global branding, marketing, and advertising agency.

Alongside this, I yearn to gain a greater understanding of social media marketing. I believe that there is no end to learning, practicing, and growing. There is no limit to perfection and excellence, constant growth is a start to achieving endless success! “

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